Where Science Inspires Art – Employee Art Show

  • Sept. 18 - Nov. 30, 2015 US/Central
  • Wilson Hall second floor

The creative mind has been an essential part of Fermilab since its inception. One only needs to look around to see art and science in an innovative state, from the Tevatron to the chalk boards on the third floor to Hyperbolic Obelisk in front of Wilson Hall.

The arts not only make for a more stimulating and creative work environment, but they have a direct and positive impact on the employees. “Where Science Inspires Art – Employee Art Show” recognizes the creativity of the employees at Fermilab.

The sharing of artistic expression among employees is a boost not only to the work environment but to the spirit of Fermilab, as well.


Contributing artists: Artieda, Cummings, DelSignore, Dyer, Foley, Gatfield, N. Gurley, S. Gurley, Haseltine, Higgins, Johnson, King, Krave, Kristen, Kuchler, Lincoln, Lunina, McCrory, Murphy, Nestor, Nicol, C. Olsen, L. Olsen, M. Olsen, Orduna, Pavlovic, Putz, Pygott, Ratnikova, Sauers, Schwender, Shaddix, Sheahan, C.Sieh, V. Siehl, Simone, Stancari, Tariq, Walbridge, White, Wren, Yarema.