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Adam Makarenko – Exoplanets


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Adam Makarenko – Exoplanets

December 7, 2021 Tuesday 7:30pm CT – Virtual

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What are Art and Music Doing at Fermilab? 

February 9, 2022 Wednesday 7:30pm CT – Virtual

Presented as part of Fermilab’s Family Open House

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  • Open call for artwork – 12/1/21 – 1/26/22
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Fermilab Arts and Lectures at Home

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online exhibit in conjunction with Family Open House 2020

Gallery Talk – Echoing Forms: Experiments in Hybridity – Sujata Majumdar

Sujata Majumdar is a British visual artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She works with a range of media to investigate connections between (unrelated) phenomena, of art and science. The ease with which she considers different perspectives derives from her cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural background. Her artistic endeavor emerges from the need to unify. She seeks commonalities, and works them out through hybridisations.

October 3, 2021

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Gallery Talk – The Philosophy of Physics – Jody Rasch

Jody’s artistic work uses the concepts of science to explain our place in the universe. He uses the images of physics, from particle accelerators to the recent imaging of the hydrogen atom to explore what the subatomic world has to say about how we perceive the macro world around us. In this talk, he will discuss how his work relates not only to the work being done in physics, but also its relationship to artists of the past, from medieval painting to impressionism and abstract expressionism. 

June 1, 2021

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Gallery Talk – When Art and Science Collide – Lindsay Olson- Fermilab Artist-in-Residence 2014-15

Lindsay’s artistic practice grows out of an intense curiosity about the ways our society is supported by science and technology. She uses her training to create art about the hidden realities of our world. As Fermilab’s first artist-in-residence, she worked with scientists’, members of the operations crew, and numerous staff throughout the lab to learn the basics of high energy physics.

March 9, 2021

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Gallery Talk- The History of Art and Science at Fermilab

Valerie Higgins, Janet MacKay-Galbraith, Georgia Schwender, Chris Klapper & Patrick Gallagher, and David Ibbett

February 14, 2021

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Gallery Talk- Finding the Significant in the Insignificant: Jim Jenkins artist-in-residence 2017

Connecting the dots of three visions of time with a careful study of how science, technology, art and mathematics, utilize aspects of human creativity to advance a specific timeline in space.

February 11, 2021

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Gallery Talk – Imagining Reality – a photographic journey – Steve Geer

As a Fermilab scientist we are trained to imagine how the real world works and then create theories or experiments or new technologies. The arts work in a similar way: imagine and then create.  I will describe this process as applied to various photographic projects that I have been exhibited in galleries in the U.S. and Europe and published in books and magazines.

January 12, 2021

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Gallery Talk – Neutrino Music: A Composer’s Journey with Guest Composer David Ibbett Ph.D.

David Ibbett has been composing and performing works remotely to celebrate the ongoing research of Fermilab. Together with Bonnie Fleming of MicroBooNE, the composer will discuss his inspirations and techniques for translating neutrino science into sound through a variety of sonification methods. 

The evening will culminate with the world premiere of the latest installment of Neutrino Music from soprano soloist Beth Sterling, together with a selection of pieces from Octave of Light: their debut album of exoplanet music released this November.

December 8, 2020

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Gallery Talk – Perry Slade- Photography and My Conversion project

Perry Slade will discuss his use of photography as his vehicle to create images, with primary focus on his ongoing Conversion project.  He finds the intersection of what he refers to as “urban hieroglyphics” as produced by Highway Engineers and what could be seen as simplified mathematical equations, as part and parcel of his final photographic image.

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Gallery Talk – Artists as Translators: Expressing immense ideas on a human scale with Chris Klapper and Patrick Gallagher, 2020 artists-in-residence

Klapper and Gallagher will discuss their work and the creative process of translating complex subjects such as infinity, scale and time.

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Gallery Talk – The Hubble Palette

Dr. Eric Coles demonstrates how he maps colors of emission nebulae.

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About the Fermilab Art Gallery

This convergence of art and science occurs daily in the Fermilab Art Gallery. It is a space for art exhibitions and also a quiet space for contemplation and beauty.

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“I have always felt that science, technology, and art are importantly connected, indeed science and technology seem to many scholars to have grown out of art.” —Robert Rathbun Wilson, Fermilab founding director