Artist-in-Residence program

Fermilab is America’s national laboratory dedicated to particle physics research. To initiate and stimulate communication and interactions among scientists, artists and the public, the laboratory has created an artist-in-residence program. The Fermilab artist-in-residence will interact with scientists at the laboratory, learn about their research, see how it connects to society. Then use this information to create a body of work, leading to presentations in the  community and possibly an exhibition of the artwork at Fermilab.


Fermilab Arts & Lectures – At Home

Art Gallery Talk – October 13th 7:30 CDT

by Chris Klapper & Patrick Gallagher artists-in-residence 2020

Artists as translators: Expressing immense ideas on a human scale

They will be discussing their work and the creative process of translating complex subjects such as infinity, scale and time.

In 2014 they began their series Dataatadata, a play on Dadaism, centering on the beauty of information and the poetry of numbers, and how they can be used to express immense ideas in a visual and experiential way.

Decoding subjects such as higher dimensional math and particle physics has become the focus of their current work.  They will be discussing their experience at Fermilab and their deep dive into the quantum universe, as they search for larger narratives and meaning in the complex and elusive world of particle physics.

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In collaboration with Chicago Council on Science and Technology –

Art, Science and the Elegant Universe 

Featured Guests – Lindsay Olson, Fermilab’s first artist-in-residence and Dr. Kirsty Duffy

“Scientists and artists both thrive on uncertainty and a sense of adventure.” These two ideas have inspired Lindsay Olson during her residency at Fermilab. Working with Fermilab scientists, like Dr. Kirsty Duffy, she created a body of work about the Standard Model, neutrino research, and the CMS experiment at CERN.
Dr. Duffy will talk about the neutrino, the universe’s weirdest particle. She will share her excitement about the research she is doing at Fermilab with hundreds (or thousands!) of scientists from around the world, and try to explain why she and so many people have dedicated their lives to understanding a particle that can’t even be seen.

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The 2020 artist-in-residence program has been extended until May 2021. We will be accepting applications for 2021 in January 2021, the program will run June 1, 2021- May 31, 2022.

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Chris Klapper and Patrick Gallagher are the 2020 Fermilab artist-in-residence. Visit the artist website.