Ames National Laboratory: Delivering Critical Material Solutions for the Nation

  • June 7, 2023, 4:00 pm US/Central
  • James Morris, Ames National Laboratory
  • Chris Stoughton

For over 75 years, Ames National Laboratory has been delivering critical material solutions for the nation. From its start in the Manhattan project to today, Ames has used its foundational materials and chemical sciences, and translated that into practice. This talk will provide an overview of current research activities, grounded in fundamental science, and how those activities are being leveraged to create and enable new technological approaches for a clean energy future. I will discuss research activities within our main strategic areas: Discovery for a Sustainable Future – Critical Materials and Upcycling Science: We are developing novel approaches to better reuse and recover materials, and to efficiently convert end-of-life products into useful resources. Making Every Atom Count – Atomistic and Molecular Design and Control for Energy and Chemical Conversion: Ames National Laboratory works to understand and direct novel material behaviors that underpin new quantum technologies, and new optical properties. Innovating for Science and Industry – Novel Synthesis to Manufacturing: Ames National Laboratory makes new materials out of compositions never before explored, efficiently predicts materials properties to accelerate their development, and enables additive manufacturing and materials synthesis of components with revolutionary properties.