Fermilab colloquium calendar archive 2022

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20220608 June 8, 2022
Special Director’s annual lab plan colloquium
You are invited to attend a special Fermilab Director’s colloquium Wednesday, June 8 from 4 to 5 p.m. CT. via Zoom. Lia will present the annual lab plan, including our top priorities for the coming year. The annual lab plan is prepared annually and outlines the lab’s vision and strategy for the coming year and beyond. She will also address employee questions submitted prior to the meeting.
20221207 Dec. 7, 2022
Entering a new era: Science at Fermilab
Bonnie Fleming, Fermilab Chris Stoughton Particle physics probes the most fundamental questions in the universe from the smallest to the largest scales and how they are tied together. Fermilab is the center of US particle physics spanning all of the science drivers of our community. As we look to the future, our program is growing significantly, we are connecting across these science drivers, and expanding the definition of our science as we answer the questions in front of us. Fermilab’s program, our community, and our future will be discussed. Video
20221214 Dec. 14, 2022
Landscape of Particle Accelerators and Snowmass’21 Planning for Future
Vladimir Shiltsev, Fermilab Chris Stoughton For over half a century, high-energy particle accelerators have been a major enabling technology for particle and nuclear physics research as well as sources of X-rays for photon science research in material science, chemistry and biology. We will briefly review recent advances worldwide to increase the energy and improve the performance of accelerators, reduce their cost, and make them more power efficient. Numerous ideas and proposals of future accelerators were discussed in the course of the “Snowmass’21" – the US HEP community forum to develop a scientific vision for the future of particle physics in the U.S. and worldwide. One of the main outcomes of the Snowmass’21 Implementation Task Force was a comparative evaluation of future HEP accelerator facilities, their realization strategies, costs, timelines, and challenges. Finally, we will take a look into limits of the ultimate future colliders based on traditional as well as on advanced accelerator technologies. Video
20221221 Dec. 21, 2022 No colloquium
20221228 Dec. 28, 2022 No colloquium