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Fermilab Colloquium Calendar 2016-2017

Lectures begin at 4:00 p.m. in 1 West

  Appropriate for physicists     Appropriate for all lab staff and members of the public

Date Speaker/Institute Title Host Abstract PDF Video
05 Oct 2016 Simon P. Worden
Breakthrough Prize Foundation
 The Breakthrough Initiatives: The Search for Life in the Universe V. Scarpine Abstract Video
12 Oct 2016
19 Oct 2016 Michael Benedikt
 Future Circular Colliders at CERN D. Denisov/P. Bhat Abstract Video
26 Oct 2016 George Crabtree
 Storage at the Threshold: Li-ion Batteries and Beyond P. Bhat Abstract Video
02 Nov 2016 Erik Hemsing
 Beam By Design – Customized X-rays from Free Electron Lasers Thangaraj/Bhat Abstract Video
09 Nov 2016 John Matthews
University of Utah – High Energy Astrophysics Institute
 Studying Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays with the Telescope Array R Tesarek Abstract Video
16 Nov 2016
23 Nov 2016 No colloquium
30 Nov 2016 Neelima Sehgal
 Measuring Gravitational Lensing of the CMB to Probe Neutrino Properties, Dark Energy, and Primordial Gravitational Waves D. Hooper Abstract Video
07 Dec 2016 Ellen Sandor
Art^n @Fermilab
 Neutrinos in a New Light P. Bhat Abstract Video
14 Dec 2016 Jac Nicoloff
Colorado State University
 Radiobiological foundations of carbon ion radiotherapy: current perspectives and future challenges V. Scarpine Abstract Video
21 Dec 2016 No colloquium
28 Dec 2016 No colloquium
04 Jan 2017 No colloquium
11 Jan 2017 Dan Green
 Fermilab and the Foundations of the Standard Model P. Bhat Abstract Video
12 Jan 2017 Allstate  Private sector careers for physicists; Data Science at Allstate-Research beyone the Laboratory K. Matera/P. Bhat Abstract Video
18 Jan 2017 Stuart Henderson
 Advanced Photon Source Upgrade Project: The World’s Leading Hard X-ray Light Source P. Bhat Abstract Video
25 Jan 2017 Gino Segre/Bettina Hoerlin
University of Pennsylvania
 Enrico Fermi: the Pope of Physics P. Bhat Abstract Video
01 Feb 2017 Ray Jayawardhana
York University, Canada
 Characterizing Exoplanets: From Hot Jupiters to Super-Earths P. Bhat Abstract
08 Feb 2017 Swapan Chattopadhyay
 Quantum Sensors for Fundamental and Information Science: What has it got to do with Fermilab? T. Sen Abstract Videos
15 Feb 2017 Sam Posen
 State-of-the-Art Superconducting RF Technology for Accelerators A. Grassellino Abstract Videos
22 Feb 2017 No colloquium
01 Mar 2017 Francis Halzen
University of Wisconsin at Madison
 IceCube: Cosmic Neutrinos and More M. Albrow Abstract Videos
08 Mar 2017 John Peoples
 History of Fermilab Accelerators and the Tevatron Complex P. Bhat Abstract Videos
15 Mar 2017 No colloquium
22 Mar 2017 Sarah Keller
University of Washington
 How simple membranes give insights into the first protocells on Earth and 2D critical phenomena D. Hooper Abstract Videos
29 Mar 2017 Rocky Kolb and Michael Turner
University of Chicago
 How Fermilab changed the course of cosmology C. Stoughton Abstract Videos
05 Apr 2017 Alyson Brooks
Rutgers University
 Re-Examining the Astrophysical Constraints on the Dark Matter Model D. Hooper Abstract Videos
12 Apr 2017 Peter Littlewood
University of Chicago
 Physics of Sustainability P. Bhat Abstract Videos
19 Apr 2017 Professor Riccardo Lattanzi
NYU School of Medicine
 Novel Tools for Rational Design and Assessment of Radiofrequency Coils for Magnetic Resonsance Imaging A. Grassellino Abstract Videos
26 Apr 2017 Robert Garisto
Physical Review Letters
 Secrets of PRL D. Denisov Abstract Videos
03 May 2017 Giorgio Bellettini
 The CDF Experiment and the Italians P. Bhat Abstract Videos
09 May 2017 Reza Zadeh
Matroid and Stanford
 Scaling Computer Vision in the Cloud P. Bhat Abstract Videos
10 May 2017 Sergei Nagaitsev
 Fermilab and Accelerator Science P. Bhat Abstract Videos
17 May 2017 Richard Kron
University of Chicago & Fermilab
 What Can We Learn from Starlight in Galaxies? C. Stoughton Abstract Video
24 May 2017 Paul Grannis
Stony Brook University
 The DZero Experiment: its history and physics accomplishments P. Bhat Abstract Video
31 May 2017 Jeffrey A Appel
 Discovery of the Upsilon and Bottom Quark-a personal reminiscence 40 years later M. Albrow, P. Bhat Abstract Videos
07 Jun 2017 No colloquium 50th Anniversary Symposium
14 Jun 2017 No colloquium
21 Jun 2017 Carlos Escobar
 Latin-American participation in the Fermilab Experimental Program: origins and future prospects A. Para Abstract Videos
28 Jun 2017 Dr. Tanju Sofu
 A Roadmap for Nuclear Energy Technology P. Bhat Abstract Videos
05 Jul 2017 Laura Greene
Florida State University
 Correlated Electrons, the Dark Engergy of Condensed Matter Physics D. Lincoln Abstract Videos
12 Jul 2017 Stephen Meredith
University of Chicago
 The Dynamics of β-Amyloid Aggregation C. Stoughton Abstract Videos
19 Jul 2017 Rainer Weiss
 Observation of the merger of binary black holes: The opening of gravitational wave astronomy C. Stoughton Abstract Videos
26 Jul 2017 No colloquium
02 Aug 2017 DPF Meeting – No Colloquium
09 Aug 2017 Masanori Mishina
 Early days of CDF and the Japanese Contribution A. Para Abstract Videos
16 Aug 2017 John Martinis
Google & UC Santa Barbara
 Quantum supremacy: checking a quantum computer with a classical supercomputer P. Bhat, A. Romanenko Abstract Videos
23 Aug 2017 Federico Capasso
 Metasurfaces: from the generalized Snell’s law to flat optics M. Albrow Abstract Videos
24 Aug 2017 Robert McDermott
University of Wisconsin-Madison
 Measurement and Control of Superconducting Qubits Using Single Flux Quantum Digital Logic A. Romanenko, P. Bhat Abstract Videos
30 Aug 2017 No colloquium
06 Sep 2017 Victor Yarba
 45 years of collaboration between Fermilab and USSR/Russian scientists D. Denisov Abstract Videos
13 Sep 2017 Paul Lopata  Superconducting Quantum Computing Experiments: Trends and Challenges B. Holzman/P. Bhat Abstract Videos
20 Sep 2017 Hugh Montgomery  Jefferson Lab: Nuclear Physics Laboratory P. Bhat Abstract Videos
27 Sep 2017 Maury Tigner
Cornell University
 Robert R. Wilson; from Frontier Wyoming to Weston Illinois M. Albrow Abstract Videos
04 Oct 2017 Michelangelo Mangano
 Physics at the next energy frontier: a 100 TeV pp collider D. Denisov Abstract  Videos
11 Oct 2017
18 Oct 2017 Frank Taylor
 How to photograph birds R. Tesarek Abstract  Videos
25 Oct 2017 John Mather
 James Webb Space Telescope P. Bhat Abstract  Videos
01 Nov 2017 Robbert Dijkgraaf
Director, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ
 The Usefulness of Useless Knowledge P. Bhat Abstract  Videos
03 Nov 2017 Pauline Gagnon
 The tragic destiny of Mileva Maric Einstein P. Bhat Abstract Videos
08 Nov 2017 Eliezer Ravinovici
Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
 SESAME-opening a source of light in the Middle East C. Quigg Abstract Videos
15 Nov 2017 No colloquium
22 Nov 2017 No Colloquium
29 Nov 2017 Bradley (Lee) Roberts
Boston University
 The allure of Ultra-sensitive Experiments: A Tale of Two Leptons P. Bhat Abstract Videos
06 Dec 2017 Daniel Lidar Quantum Computing P. Bhat Abstract Videos
13 Dec 2017 David N. Schwartz How Fermi Became Fermi C. Quigg Abstract Videos
20 Dec 2017 No Colloquium
27 Dec 2017 No Colloquium