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Fermilab Colloquium Calendar 2012-2013

Lectures begin at 4:00 p.m. in 1 West

Orange titles are more technical; Green titles are less technical.

Date Speaker/Institute Title Host Abstract PDF Video
05 Sep 2012 Artemis Spyrou
Michigan State University
MoNa-LISA and the dinueutron system T. Sen Abstract    
12 Sep 2012 Jason Steffen
Exoplanet Science from NASA’s Kepler Mission
W. Merritt Abstract   Video
19 Sep 2012 Dave Nygren
Time Projection Chambers in Particle Physics A. Para   Video
26 Sep 2012            
3 Oct 2012 Sankar Das Sarma
University of Maryland
Computing with quantum knots: Majorana modes, non-Abelian anyons, and topological quantum computation P. Lebrun     Video
10 Oct 2012 Ian Fisk
LHC Computing: The First Run and Beyond M. Kirby   PDF Video
17 Oct 2012 Andreas Suter
Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland
Muon Spin rotation Spectroscopy – Utilizing Muons in Solid State Physics D. Glenzinski     Video
24 Oct 2012 J.J. Gomez Cadenas
University of Valencia
Ettore Majorana through the Looking-glass A. Para   PDF Video
31 Oct 2012 Lauren Hsu
Dark Matter: the next great discovery of particle physics? A. Para   PDF Video
7 Nov 2012 Subir Sachdev
Harvard University
Entanglement, Holography, and the Quantum Phases of Matter C. Quigg and J. Lykken   PDF Video
21 Nov 2012 Thanksgiving
No Colloquium
28 November 2012 Thomas Handler
University of Tennessee
Science and Public Policies P. Lebrun     Video
5 Dec 2012 David Keith
Harvard University
Geo-engineering T. Sen     Video
12 Dec 2012 Silvan Schweber
Brandeis University
Hans Bethe and Physics in/of the 20th Century C. Quigg   PPT Video
19 Dec 2011            
26 Dec 2012 Christmas Holiday No Colloquium        
2 Jan 2013 New Year’s Holiday No Colloquium        
9 Jan 2013 Rob Schoelkopf
Yale University
Quantum Optics with Superconducting Circuits: From Single Photons to Schrodinger Cats L. Cooley   PPTX Video
16 Jan 2013            
23 Jan 2013 Catherine Pfister
University of Chicago
Climate change in the sea: the implications of increasing the carbon dioxide inputs to the surface ocean P. Lebrun   PPTX Video
30 Jan 2013 Ruben Juanes
The lifetime of carbon capture and storage as a climate-change mitigation technology P. Lebrun   PDF Video
6 Feb 2013 Bradford Benson
University of Chicago
Going to the End of the Earth to Learn About the Beginning of the Universe C. Stoughton   PDF Video
13 Feb 2013 Klaus Kirch
Paul Scherrer Institute
The search for permanent electric dipole moments D. Glenzinski   PDF Video
20 Feb 2013            
27 Feb 2013 Alan Bross
Neutrinos from STORed Muons – nuSTORM> D. Glenzinski   PPTX Video
6 March 2013 Marcello Manelli
Technologies for the LHC Experiments P. Bhat   PPTX Video
13 Mar 2013            
20 Mar 2013            
27 Mar 2013 Jonathan Wurtele
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Trapping and Probing Antihydrogen P. Lebrun   PDF Video
3 Apr 2013 Mark BeemanNorthwestern University Insight in the Brain: The Cognitive and Neural Bases of Eureka Moments T. Sen   PPTX Video
10 Apr 2013 Thomas Knight
Gingko Bioworks, Inc.
Life with Four Billion Atoms P. Lebrun   PPT Video
17 Apr 2013 Mark Peters
Argonne National Laboratory
Challenges and Opportunities for a Sustainable Nuclear Energy Future P. Bhat   PPTX Video
24 Apr 2013 Pieter Faber
University of Chicago
Next Generation Sequencing at the University of Chicago Genomics Core M. Votava     Video
1 May 2013 Douglas MacAyeal
University of Chicago
Energy Sources for Yotta-TeV Iceberg Showers C. Stoughton   PDF Video
8 May 2013 Mariette DiChristina
Scientific American
I Am Science – and So Can You! C. Quigg   PDF Video
15 May 2013 Roger Blandford
Stanford University
The Accelerating Universe P. Lebrun   PPTX Video
22 May 2013 Naomi Makins
29 May 2013 Dan McKinsey
Yale University
Light Collection in Liquid Noble Gases C. Quigg   PDF Video
5 Jun 2013            
12 Jun 2013            
19 June 2013 Eszter Hargittai
Northwestern University
26 June 2013            
3 Jul 2013 Independence Day – No Colloquium          
10 Jul 2013 No Colloquium          
17 Jul 2013 Krishna S. Kumar
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Low Energy Measurements of the Weak Mixing Angle D. Glenzinski   PDF Video
24 Jul 2013 John Huth
Harvard University
The Lost Art of Finding Our Way C. Quigg     Video
31 Jul 2013            
7 Aug 2013            
14 Aug 2013 Graham Ross
University of Oxford
Whither SUSY? C. Quigg   PDF Video
21 Aug 2013            
28 Aug 2013 Rene Brun
My Journey through Scientific Computing P. Bhat   PPTX Video