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Fermilab Colloquium Calendar 2011-2012

Lectures begin at 4:00 p.m. in 1 West

Orange titles are more technical; Green titles are less technical.

Date Speaker/Institute Title Host Abstract PDF Video
07 Sep 2011            
14 Sep 2011            
21 Sep 2011            
28 Sep 2011            
5 Oct 2011 George Sonneborn
The James Webb Space Telescope: Science and Mission Status P. Lebrun Abstract PDF Video
12 Oct 2011            
19 Oct 2011 Brad Sherrill
Michigan State University
Science with the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams T. Sen Abstract PPTX Video
26 Oct 2011 No Colloquium Project X Collaboration Meeting        
2 Nov 2011 Paul Steinhardt
Princeton University
Once Upon a Time in Kamchatka: The Strange Search for Natural Quasicrystals C. Quigg Abstract    
9 Nov 2011 No Colloquium International CMS Upgrade Workshop        
16 Nov 2011 Vladimir Shiltsev
Mikhail Lomonosov P. Lebrun Abstract PDF Video
23 Nov 2011 Thanksgiving No Colloquium      
30 Nov 2011            
7 Dec 2011 Itai Cohen
Cornell University
Flight of the Fruit Fly P. Lebrun Abstract PPTX Video
14 Dec 2011 Joseph Minervini
The Technical and Engineering Challenges of Fusion Reactors for Energy G. Ambrosio Abstract PPTX Video
21 Dec 2011 Christmas Holiday No Colloquium        
28 Dec 2011 New Year’s Holiday No Colloquium        
4 Jan 2012 Chris Lintott
University of Oxford
What to do with 500,000 scientists F. DeJongh Abstract PDF Video
11 Jan 2012 J. Provine
Stanford University
Surface Forces in Nanomechanical Systems: Living on the Edge M. Votava Abstract Video Video
18 Jan 2012 Eric Toone
Deputy Director for Technology for the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E)
The Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy: A New Paradigm in Transformational Energy Research R. Lipton Abstract PDF Video
25 Jan 2012 Hugh Montgomery
Jefferson Lab
Jefferson Lab: The Next Ten Years and Beyond R. Kephart Abstract PPTX Video
1 Feb 2012 Jasper Kirkby
Cosmic Rays, Climate and the CERN CLOUD Experiment D. Glenzinski Abstract    
8 Feb 2012            
15 Feb 2012 Stuart Henderson
Are Accelerators Ready to Drive Subcritical Nuclear Reactors? C. Quigg Abstract PPTX Video
22 Feb 2012          
29 Feb 2012 Hod Lipson
Cornell University
Machine Science: Distilling Natural Laws from Experimental Data, from particle physics to computational biology P. Lebrun Abstract PPT Video
7 Mar 2012 Marco Bersanelli
University of Milan, Italy
The Planck Mission: Early Results G. Ambrosio Abstract PPT Video
14 Mar 2012 Nergis Mavalvala
Quantum Opportunities in Gravitational Wave Detectors F. DeJongh PPT PDF Video
21 Mar 2012 Joshua Klein
University of Pennsylvania
From Anomaly to Problem to Physics: Lessons from Solar Neutrinos P. Lebrun and S. Geer Abstract PPT Video
28 Mar 2012 Dean Alhorn
NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center
Flying on Sun Shine: Sailing in Space P. Lebrun Abstract PPTX Video
4 Apr 2012 Chris Quigg
The Higgs Boson for the Masses? P. Lebrun and P. Fox Abstract PDF Video
11 Apr 2012 Donald Umstadter
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
An all-laser-driven x-ray synchrotron light source T. Sen Abstract    
18 Apr 2012 Aephraim M. Steinberg
University of Toronto
Quantum Measurement and the Real World F. DeJongh Abstract PPTX Video
25 Apr 2012 Kerry Bernstein
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
The Post-CMOS Switch: Benchmarking the Replacement Candidates T. Liu Abstract    
2 May 2012 Jeff Harvey
University of Chicago
String Theory and Quantum Chromodynamics C. Quigg Abstract PDF Video
9 May 2012 Bob Tschirhart
Project X and the Endless Frontier P. Lebrun Abstract PPT Video
16 May 2012 William J. Cooper
University of California, Irvine
Application of Electron Beam Systems for Environmental Applications R. Kephart Abstract PPT Video
23 May 2012 Wit Busza
Studies of QCD Matter from E178 and E451 at NAL to CMS at LHC A. Para Abstract PPTX Video
30 May 2012            
6 Jun 2012 Lucie Linssen
Physics and detectors at the CLIC linear e+e- collider A. Para Abstract PPTX Video
13 Jun 2012 No Colloquium User’s Meeting/Tevatron Symposium        
20 Jun 2012 Xiang Zhang
University of California Berkeley
Optical Metamaterials: Negative Refraction, Superlens and Plasmon Lasers T. Liu Abstract   Video
27 Jun 2012 Samuel Kounaves
Tufts University
The Mars Phoenix Mission: Simple Findings – Global Implications R. Lipton Abstract PDF Video
4 Jul 2012 Independence Day – No Colloquium          
10 Jul 2012 Daniel R. Green
SPECIAL COLLOQUIUM – Fermilab: Life on the Energy Frontier P. Lebrun Abstract   Video
11 Jul 2012 Glen Marshall
TRIUMF, Vancouver, BC
Muon decay parameters and the TWIST experiment D. Glenzinski Abstract PDF Video
18 Jul 2012            
25 Jul 2012            
1 Aug 2012            
Andreas Kronfeld
Twenty-first Century Lattice Gauge Theory: Consequences of the QCD Lagrangian C. Quigg Abstract   Video
Rob Plunkett
The Ghost that Wasn’t: Neutrino Physics in the 21st Century P. Fox Abstract   Video
22 Aug 2012            
29 Aug 2012