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Fermilab Colloquium Calendar 2009-2010

Lectures begin at 4:00 p.m. in 1 West

Orange titles are more technical; Green titles are less technical.

Date Speaker/Institute Title Host Abstract PDF Video
2 Sep 2009 Special Colloquium: Edwin L. Goldwasser
Former Deputy
Director of Fermilab,
Vice-Chancellor of the University of Illinois at
Bob Wilson and The Birth of
T. Schwarz Abstract PPT Video
9 Sep 2009 Andrei Seryi
Plasma Wakefield Acceleration and FACET
– Facilities for Accelerator Science and Experimental Test Beams at
A. Para Abstract PPT Video
16 Sep 2009 Joel

University of California Berkeley
Antihydrogen Production, Trapping and
Antimatter Plasmas
R. Lipton Abstract PPT Video
23 Sep 2009 Joseph

University of Oxford
Dark Matters Dan Hooper Abstract PDF Video
30 Sep 2009 Clark Cully
Fun D.C. Jobs for Physicists T. Schwartz Abstract PPT Video
7 Oct 2009            
14 Oct 2009 Tijana Rajh
Argonne National Laboratory
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology: From Energy Applications to Advanced Medical Therapies E. Barzi Abstract PPT Video
21 Oct 2009 No Colloquium          
28 Oct 2009            
4 Nov 2009            
11 Nov 2009 Ben McCall
University of Illinois
H3+: The Simplest Polyatomic Molecule in the Laboratory and the Interstellar Medium P. Lebrun Abstract PPT
18 Nov 2009 Hasan Padamsee
Cornell University
Superconducting RF, the History,
Challenges and Promise
R. Kephart Abstract PPT Video
25 Nov 2009 Thanksgiving No Colloquium      
1 Dec 2009 Special Colloquium:
Dr. Norbert Holtkamp, Principle Deputy Director, ITER
ITER Fusion Energy R. Kephart Abstract PPT Video
2 Dec 2009 Keith

University of Arizona
Probing the String Landscape B. Dobrescu Abstract   Video
9 Dec 2009 Lee

Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
Using the universe as a laboratory to probe the Planck scale A. Para Abstract   Video
16 Dec 2009 No Colloquium Fermilab Potluck Party:        
23 Dec 2009 Christmas Holiday No Colloquium        
30 Dec 2009 New Year’s Holiday No Colloquium        
6 Jan 2010 Sarah Eno
University of Maryland
In conjuction with CMS EJTERM Week
Results from the Large Hadron Collider
R. Lipton Abstract PPTX Video
13 Jan 2010            
20 Jan 2010 Evan Finch
Yale University
A Hint of Local Parity Violation in QCD? Recent Results from the STAR Collaboration P. Lebrun Abstract PPTX Video
27 Jan 2010 Gino Segre
University of Pennsylvania
A 1932 Meeting at Bohr’s Institute: The Birth of New Ideas in Physics R. Lipton Abstract PDF Video
3 Feb 2010            
10 Feb 2010 Richard Lindzen
The Peculiar Issue of Global Warming E. Prebys Abstract   Video
17 Feb 2010            
24 Feb 2010 Joseph Polchinski
Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics
Gauge/Gravity Duality R. Lipton Abstract PDF Video
3 Mar 2010 Zlatko Tesanovic
Johns Hopkins University
Superconductivity at Dawn of the Iron Age L. Cooley Abstract PDF Video
10 Mar 2010 John Peoples
The TeVatron Collider: A Thirty-Year Campaign W. Merritt Abstract PPTX Video
17 Mar 2010 Thomas Levenson
The Unknown Detective Career of…Isaac Newton? R. Lipton Abstract   Video
24 Mar 2010 Paola Sapienza
Kellog School of Management, Northwestern University
Culture, Gender, and Math T. Schwarz Abstract PPTX Video
31 Mar 2010 Margaret Murnane
Univeristy of Colorado at Boulder and NIST
Attosecond Light and Science at the Time-scale of the Electron – Coherent X-Rays from Tabletop Ultrafast Lasers R. Lipton Abstract PDF Video
7 Apr 2010 Erich Poppitz
University of Toronto
The Wonders of Supersymmetry: From Quantum Mechanics, Topology, and Noise, to (maybe) the LHC B. Dobrescu Abstract PDF Video
14 Apr 2010 Helmut Dosch
Director General of DESY
DESY 2020: The New Strategy R. Lipton   PPTX Video
21 Apr 2010            
28 Apr 2010 James Swanson
University of California, Irvine
Evaluation of the Dopamine Hypothesis of ADHD with PET Brain Imaging E. Prebys Abstract PPT Video
5 May 2010            
12 May 2010 Joel Norris
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego
Cloud feedbacks on climate: a challenging scientific problem P. Lebrun Abstract PPT Video
19 May 2010 No Colloquium – Heavy Quark Workshop          
26 May 2010 Jan Liphardt
University of California, Berkeley
The Intersection of Physics and Biology B. Dobrescu Abstract PDF Video
27 May 2010 Special Colloquium – Yuri Oganessian
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia
Heaviest Nuclei: New Element with Atomic number 117 P. Lebrun/A. Para Abstract PPT Video
2 Jun 2010 Users Meeting – No Colloquium          
9 Jun 2010 Luigi Zingales
University of Chicago
Curbing Risk on Wall Street E. Barzi Abstract   Video
16 Jun 2010 Hari Manoharan
Stanford University
Quantum Imaging of Dirac Materials R. Lipton Abstract    
23 Jun 2010            
30 Jun 2010 In Conjunction with the International Symposium on Very High Energy Cosmic Ray Interactions – Dietrich Muller
University of Chicago
The Composition of Cosmic Rays: Questions, Surprises, and Recent Answers P. Lebrun Abstract    
7 Jul 2010            
14 Jul 2010            
21 Jul 2010 Anthony Tyson
UC Davis
LSST and the Physics of the Dark Universe F. DeJongh Abstract PPTX
28 Jul 2010 Alessandro Olivi, M.D.
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
Recent Advances in Image Assisted Neurosurgical Procedures: Improved Navigational Accuracy and Patient Safety E. Barzi Abstract   Video
4 Aug 2010            
11 Aug 2010 Greg Engel
University of Chicago
Design Principles of Photosynthetic Light Harvesting F. DeJongh Abstract    
18 Aug 2010 Silvia Pascoli
Durham University
in conjunction with the Hadron-Collider Physics Summer School
Neutrinos: An Open Window on the Fundamental Laws of Nature and the Evolution of the Universe> A. Kronfeld/R. Lipton Abstract   Video
25 Aug 2010
4:00 PM – 5:30 PM
Eric Torrence, University of Oregon
Dan Green, Fermilab
in conjunction with the Hadron Collider Physics Summer School
Results from ATLAS
Results from CMS
A. Kronfeld/R. Lipton Abstract