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Fermilab Colloquium Calendar 2007-2008

Lectures begin at 4:00 p.m. in 1 West

Orange titles are more technical; Green titles are less technical.

Date Speaker/Institute Title Host Abstract PDF Video
5 Sep 2007            
12 Sep 2007 George Crabtree
Argonne National Laboratory
The Global Energy Challenge L. Cooley Abstract   Video
19 Sep 2007            
26 Sep 2007 Matthias Neubert
Mainz University
Precision Studies in the Quark Flavor Sector and the Search for New Physics B. Dobrescu Abstract PDF  
3 Oct 2007 Manuela

Carnegie Mellon University
Task-Improving Robots
through Observation and Learning
C. Newman-Holmes Abstract    
10 Oct 2007 Brian Fitzpatrick
Google, Inc.
Building Scalable Systems
and Moving Large Datasets
C. Newman-Holmes Abstract    
17 Oct 2007 Vladimir Vassiliev
Ground-based Gamma-Ray Astonomy – from VERITAS to AGIS S. Dodelson Abstract PPT Video
24 Oct 2007 Note New Location: Auditorium
Craig Jones, Christian Mrotzek, Nobu Toge and Doug Sarno
What Will the Neighbors Think? Building Large-Scale Science Projects Around the World C. Newman-Holmes Abstract   Video
31 Oct 2007 Fabiola Gianotti
Preparations for Physics
Studies with ATLAS During the First Years of the LHC
B. Dobrescu Abstract PPT Video
7 Nov 2007      
14 Nov 2007 Adrian Melissinos
University of Rochester
Lasers in High Energy
W. Wester Abstract PPT  
YiFang Wang
Institute of High Energy Physics, Beijing
From BEPC to Daya Bay – An Introduction of Particle Physics in China A. Para Abstract    
28 Nov 2007 Paul Kwiat
University of Illinois
The Quantum Information
Revolution: 101 Uses for Schroedinger’s Cat
W. Wester Abstract PDF Video
5 Dec 2007 Chris Quigg
Mass B. Dobrescu Abstract PDF Video
12 Dec 2007 Sol Gruner
Cornell University
Putting the Squeeze on Biology: Biomolecules Under Pressure R. Lipton Abstract PDF Video
19 Dec 2007 Roger Barry
The Role of Snow and Ice in the Climate System P. Lebrun Abstract PPT  
26 Dec 2007 Christmas Holiday No Colloquium        
2 Jan 2008 New Year’s Holiday No Colloquium        
9 Jan 2008 Clifford M. Will
Washington University, St. Louis
On the Unreasonable Effectiveness of post-Newtonian Theory in Gravitational-Wave Physics C. Newman-Holmes Abstract PDF Video
16 Jan 2008 Rob Roser
The Tevatron and the CDF Experiment – A Year in Review T. Schwarz Abstract PPT Video
23 Jan 2008 Olaf Sporns
Indiana University
Complex Networks – A Key to Understanding Brain Function M. Wendt Abstract PPT Video
30 Jan 2008 Stephen Goldberg
Argonne Laboratory
The Federal Budget Process – Lessons That Can Be Learned E. Prebys Abstract PPT Video
Northwestern University
CANCELLED – Social Network Analysis and Complexity Theory T. Schwarz Abstract    
13 Feb 2008 Giorgio Ambrosio
LARP Long Quadrupole: A “Long” Step Toward an LHC Luminosity Upgrade with Nb3Sn Magnets L. Cooley Abstract PPT Video
20 Feb 2008 Pasquale Blasi
INAF/Arcetri-Italy and Fermilab
The Origin of Cosmic Rays P. Lebrun Abstract PPT Video
27 Feb 2008 David Archer
University of Chicago
Global Warming in Geologic Time E. Prebys Abstract PPT Video
5 Mar 2008 Anthony Leggett
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Bell’s Theorem, Entaglement, Quantum Teleportation and All That M. Albrow Abstract PPT Video
12 Mar 2008 Alan Litke
University of California, Santa Cruz
What Does the Eye Tell the Brain? A Journey from High Energy Physics to Neural Systems C. Newman-Holmes Abstract PPT  
19 Mar 2008 James Mastrianni
University of Chicago
Prions: Misfolded Proteins and Fatal Transmissible Neurodegenerative Diseases R. Lipton Abstract    
26 Mar 2008            
2 Apr 2008 Ren-Yuan Zhu
Precision Crystal Calorimeters in High Energy Physics A. Para Abstract PDF Video
9 Apr 2008 Niki Saoulidou
Neutrino Physics at Fermilab A. Para Abstract PDF Video
16 Apr 2008 Alexei Smirnov
International Centre for Theoretical Physics
Neutrino Oscillograms of the Earth B. Dobrescu Abstract PPT Video
23 Apr 2008 John Grant
Smithsonian Institution
The Mission of the Mars Exploration Rovers R. Lipton Abstract PPT Video
30 Apr 2008 Matt Mountain
Space Telescope Science Institute
The Hubble, the James Webb Space Telescope and Looking to the Future: Space Science at a Cross Road? W. Wester Abstract   Video
7 May 2008 Mark Kasevich
Stanford University
Atom Interferometry P. Lebrun Abstract PPT Video
14 May 2008 Bonnie

Princeton University
Small Talk: Cell-to-Cell
Communication in Bacteria
C. Newman-Holmes Abstract PPT Video
21 May 2008 Alex Filippenko
University of California Berkeley
What We Know About Dark Energy From Supernovae T. Schwarz Abstract PDF Video
28 May 2008 Sergei Kopeikin
University of Missouri-Columbia
Testing General Relativity in Fermilab E. Barzi Abstract PPT Video
4 Jun 2008 Users Meeting No Colloquium        
11 Jun 2008 Peter Freund
University of Chicago
A Passion for Discovery C. Newman-Holmes Abstract PDF Video
18 Jun 2008 Francesco Danuso
University of Udine
Knowledge Integration to Make Decisions About Complex Systems: Sustainability of Energy Production from Agriculture E. Barzi Abstract   Video
25 Jun 2008 Lawrence Krauss
Case Western Reserve University
Cosmology as Science: From Inflation to the Future S. Dodelson Abstract   Video
2 Jul 2008 Bill McDonough
University of Maryland
Geoneutrinos and Heat Production in the Earth: Constraints and Implications R. Lipton Abstract PDF Video
9 Jul 2008            
16 Jul 2008            
23 Jul 2008 James Valles
Brown University
Cooper Pairs in Insulators?! P. Lebrun Abstract PDF Video
30 Jul 2008 Jacopo Buongiorno
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The Nuclear Renaissance in the U.S. E. Barzi Abstract PDF Video
6 Aug 2008 Julia Phillips
Sandia National Laboratories
Science and the Energy Security Challenge: The Example of Solid-State Lighting L. Cooley Abstract PPT Video
13 Aug 2008 Chris Walter
Duke University
Experimental Neutrino Physics C. Newman-Holmes Abstract PDF Video
20 Aug 2008 Roberto Tenchini
University of Pisa
(in conjunction with the Hadron Collider Physics Summer School)
Road to Discovery: LHC Commissioning and Early Physics Analyses B. Dobrescu   PDF Video
27 Aug 2008