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Fermilab Colloquium Calendar 2005-2006

Lectures begin at 4:00 p.m. in 1 West

Orange titles are specialized; Green titles are general interest.

Date Speaker/Institute Title Host Abstract PDF Video
Sep 7 Thomas Newman
University of California, San Francisco
The Power of Stories Over Statistics: Illustrations from Neonatal Jaundice and Infant Airplane Safety C. Newman-Holmes Download PPT Video
Sep 14 Tim Gay
University of Nebraska
Football Physics C. Newman-Holmes Download PPT Video
Sep 21 Andreas Kronfeld
Predictive Lattice QCD M. Albrow Download PDF Video
Sep 28 Sidney Redner
Boston University
Statistical Physics of Citations B. Dobrescu Download PDF Video
Oct 5 Paul Davies
Macquarie University
Multiverse Cosmological Models and the Anthropic Principle T. Zimmerman Download   Video
Oct 12 Jonathan P. Gardner
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Galaxy Formation with the Hubble and James Webb Space Telescopes C. Newman-Holmes Download    
Oct 19 David Gross
The Future of Physics A. Kronfeld Download PDF Video
Oct 26 Maya Tolstoy
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University
Applications of Ocean Acoustic Monitoring to Understanding Our Planet A. Boehnlein Download PPT Video
Nov 2 Larry Bartoszek
Bartoszek Engineering
Taking the Space Elevator from Science Fiction to Engineering E. Prebys Download PPT Video
Nov 9 Eric Adelberger
Univeristy of Washington
Sub-Millimeter Tests of the Newtonian Inverse Square Law B. Dobrescu Download PDF Video
Nov 16 NOT HELD          
Nov 23 Thanksgiving No Colloquium        
Nov 30 Gary Bernstein
University of Pennsylvania
Seeing the Invisible Universe with Gravitational lensing and SNAP C. Newman-Holmes PDF Video
Dec 7 Robert Scherrer
Vanderbilt University
Science and Science Fiction S. Dodelson      
Dec 14 Henry Petroski
Duke University
J. Nachtman   PPT Video
Dec 21 Christmas Holiday No Colloquium        
Dec 28 New Year’s Holiday No Colloquium        
Jan 4 James Rosenzweig
Reinventing the Accelerator for the High Energy Frontier C. Newman-Holmes   PPT Video
Jan 11 Not Held          
Jan 18 Joshua Frieman
Mapping the Heavens: Probing Cosmology with Large Surveys S. Dodelson   PPT Video
Jan 25 Fred Rasio
Northwestern University
The Million-Body Problem: Particle Simulations in Astrophysics   PDF Video
Feb 1 Lisa Randall
Harvard University
Warped Geometry: Consequences and Signatures B. Dobrescu      
Feb 8 Raymond Pierrehumbert
University of Chicago
Early Life Crises of Habitable Planets T. Zimmerman   PDF Video
Feb 15 Daniel Dennett
Tufts University
Religion as a Natural Phenomon D. Whiteson   PPT Video
Feb 22 Maria Klawe
Syracuse University
Gender, Lies and Video Games: The Truth about Females and Computing C. Newman-Holmes   PPT Video
Mar 1 Mark Trodden
Syracuse University
Is Cosmic Acceleration Telling Us Something about Gravity? S. Dodelson   PDF Video
Mar 8 Nir Goldman
Lawrence Livermore Lab
Astrochemistry: Discovery of Novel Forms of Matter in Large Planets D. Whiteson   PPT Video
Mar 15 Allan Cameron and Fredi Lajvardi
Carl Hayden High School, Phoenix, AZ
“La Vida Robot” = High School Engineering Program Combats Engineering Brain Drain E. Prebys   PPT Video
Mar 22 Elizabeth Simmons
Michigan State University
How to Popularize Physics B. Dobrescu   PDF Video
Mar 29 Robert Scherrer
Vanderbilt University
Science and Science Fiction S. Dodelson   PPT Video
Apr 5 Joseph Lykken
Is Particle Physics Ready for the LHC? C. Newman-Holmes   PDF Video
Apr 12 George Hart
SUNY Stony Brook
Solid Freeform Fabrication of Aesthetic Objects R. Plunkett   PPT Video
Apr 19 Warren Washington
NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research)
Climate Change in the 20th and 21st Centuries T. Zimmerman   PPT Video
Apr 26 Michael A’Hearn
University of Maryland
Deep Impact: Excavating Comet Tempel 1 D. Whiteson      
May 3 Jill Tartar
The Allen Telescope Array: 42 is More than the Answer to “Life, the Universe, and Everything” M. Albrow   PPT Video
May 10 Gene Spafford
Purdue University
The Cyber Security Crisis T. Zimmerman   PDF Video
May 17 Michael Baden, MD E. Prebys   PPT Video
May 24 Neal Lane
Rice University
The Future of U.S. Science – to Follow or to Lead? C. Newman-Holmes   PDF Video
May 31 Fermilab Users Meeting          
June 7 Lance Dixon
Twistor Spinoffs for Collider Physics B. Dobrescu   PPT Video
Jun 14 Lillian Hoddeson
University of Illinois
Megascience and the Powers and Paradoxes of Pushing Frontiers at Fermilab P. Bauer   PPT Video
Jun 21 Seth Putterman
California NanoSystems Institute at UCLA
Energy Focusing Phenomena: From Sonoluminescence to Crystal Fusion P. Bauer      
Jun 28 Charles Falco
University of Arizona
The Science of Optics; The History of Art A. Boehnlein     Video
Jul 5 No Colloquium          
Jul 12 Bradley Filippone
Cal Tech
Ultra-Cold Neutrons: From neV to TeV M. Albrow   PPT Video
Jul 19 Gary Westfall
Michigan State University
Recent Results from RHIC – The Perfect Liquid A. Boehnlein   PPT Video
Jul 26 No Colloquium          
Aug 2 Nicholas Hatsopoulos
University of Chicago
Encoding and Decoding of Neuronal Ensembles in the Motor Cortex C. Newman-Holmes   PPT Video
Aug 9 Young-Kee Kim
Fermilab and University of Chicago
Passing the Baton: Tevatron-LHC Team B. Dobrescu   PPT Video
Aug 16 Tim Tait
Argonne National Laboratory
High Energy Colliders as Tools to Understand the Early Universe B. Dobrescu   PDF Video
Aug 23 Wolfgang Panofsky
Aug 30