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Fermilab Colloquium Calendar 1998-1999

Date Speaker/Inst. Title Host
Sept. 2
Sept. 9 J. Carlstrom
U of Chicago
Imaging the Sunyaev Zel’dovich Effect:
The Age & Mass of the Universe
D.Carey/R. Kolb
Sept. 16 T. Postol
The Nuclear Danger from Shortfalls
in the Russian Satellite Early Warning
A. Kronfeld
Sept. 23
Sept. 30 H. Haber
U of California/Fermilab
Low-Energy Supersymmetry:
Prospects and Changes
A. Kronfeld
Oct. 7 D. Burke
The Next Generation Linear Collider A. Kronfeld
Oct. 7 V. Barger
U of Wisconsin/Fermilab
The Nu Revolution A. Kronfeld
Oct. 21 R. Mir
Tel Aviv U
Physics in the Park – Taking Science to
the Public
M. Albrow
Oct. 28 E. Kolb
Fermilab/U Chicago
Seeds of Cosmic Structure:
Quantum Fluctuations in the Primordial Soup
H. Glass
Nov. 4 T. Droege
The Amateur Sky Survey D. Carey
Nov. 11
Nov. 18 J. Maldacena
Harvard U
QCD, Strings and Black Holes:
The Large N Limit of Field Theories & Gravity
M. Spiropulu
Nov. 25 Thanksgiving Eve
Dec. 2 J. Ralston
U Kansas
A Story of Poverty & Riches
Intrigue & Deception, Brilliance
& Stupidity, & Untimely Tragic Death
A. Kronfeld
Dec. 9 J. Carlstrom
U of Chicago
Imaging the Sunyaev Zel’dovich Effect:
The Age & Mass of the Universe
R. Kolb
Dec. 16
Dec. 23 Laboratory Closed for the Holidays
Dec. 30 Laboratory Closed for the Holidays
Jan. 6
Jan. 13
Jan. 20 M. Boratav
U Paris 6
Hunting the High Energy Cosmic
Rays: The Auger Project
M. Albrow
Jan. 27
Feb. 3 T. Greytak
Bose-Einstein Condensates in
Atomic Hydrogen
D. Carey
Feb. 10 T. McKay
U of Michagan
Detection of an Optical Burst from
GRB 990123: The Most Luminous
Object Ever Observed
D. Carey
Feb. 17
Feb. 24
Mar. 3 J. Bjorken Open Questions in QCD M. Albrow
Mar. 10 M. Symposium The Early Days of Fermilab D. Carrigan
Mar. 17 D. Kelley
Colorado State U
Spectroscopyand Dynamics of
Semiconductor Nanoclusters
A. Pla-Dalmau
Mar. 24
Mar. 31 G. Gratta
Stanford U
Neutrinosfrom the Earth and the
Heavens: The Science of KamLAND
D. Carey
Apr. 7 B. Barish
Catchingthe Waves with LIGO M. Spiropulu
Apr. 14 S. Dimopoulos
Stanford U
Sub-Millimeter Size Dimensions &
Quantum Gravity at the Tevatron
M. Spiropulu
Apr. 21 Y. Chung
Northwestern U
Advancesin Protective Overcoats for
Extremely High Density Magnetic Recording
A. Pla-Dalmau
Apr. 28 S. Raby
Ohio State U/Fermilab
SUSY with a Gluino LSP A. Kronfeld/M. Spiropulu
May 5 R. Bernstein
MINOS A. Kronfeld/M. Albrow
May 12
May 19 A. Sanders
U Tennessee
ProjectS.E.E. A Next-Generation
Gravity Mission – Experimental Foundation
for Grand Unification
D. Carey/A. Kronfeld
May 26 Inner/OuterSpace II SpecialColloquium on May 28th
May 28 SpecialColloquium
– D. Goldin, Administrator of NASA
– E. Moniz, Undersecretary of the
Department of Energy
– R. Eisenstein, NSF Assistant
Director for Mathematical &
Physical Sciences
Particle Physics & Astrophysics H. Glass/R. Kolb
Jun. 2 J. Lykken
Searchingfor Extra Dimensions at
Hadron Colliders
M. Albrow
Jun. 9 J. Moore
U of Florida
The Human Genome Diversity Project E. Berman
Jun. 16
Jun. 23
Jun. 30 B. Barnes
International Terrorism P. Hanlet
Jul. 7
Jul. 14
Jul. 21 S. Youssef
Florida State U
Exotic Probabilities & Quantum
M. Albrow
Jul. 28 T. Brown The Discovery of Other Planetary
D. Carey
Aug. 4
Aug. 11 B. Efron
Sanford U
Truncated Data with Applications
to Astronomy
A. Kronfeld
Aug. 18
Aug. 25