The Birth, Life, and Death of the Universe: How We Got Here and Where We’re Going (Virtual) – Don Lincoln

  • Dec. 9, 2022, 7:30 pm US/Central
  • Don Lincoln, Fermilab
  • Tickets: Free but registration required
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Perhaps the grandest questions of all – ones that have fascinated people for millennia – are the questions of how the universe came to be, how it has evolved, and how it will end.  While modern science does not have all the answers, the scientific community has discovered many facts that has allows us to definitively tell much of this story.  In this talk, Fermilab’s Dr. Don Lincoln will tell us what we know…and what we don’t…about these ageless questions.

Don Lincoln is a Senior Scientist at Fermilab, America’s leading particle physics laboratory and was a member of the teams that discovered the top quark in 1995 and the Higgs boson in 2012. Lincoln is also an avid popularizer of science. He has written several books for the public, most recently The Large Hadron Collider.  He also writes for many online venues like CNN, Big Think, Scientific American, and many others. He appears frequently on the Fermilab YouTube channel and he has made several video courses available through The Great Courses company.

He is a recipient of the 2013 Outreach Prize from the European Physical Society and the 2017 Gemant Award from the American Institute of Physics.  He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

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