Fermilab Arts, Lecture and Gallery Series

The Fermilab Arts and Lecture Series serves as an open door between Fermilab and our neighboring communities by offering a diverse array of performing arts performances and lectures.

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Fermilab is America’s national laboratory dedicated to particle physics research. To initiate and stimulate communication and interactions among scientists, artists and the public, the laboratory has created an Guest Artist program and Guest Composer program.

The Fermilab Guest Artist and Guest Composer will interact with scientists at the laboratory, learn about their research, and see how it connects to society. This information will then be used to create a body of work, leading to presentations to the community and possibly an exhibition of the artwork at Fermilab. The program begins January 1, 2024 ending in December 2024.

The call for Guest artists and Guest composers is now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied for the positions.

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2023 –  Roger Zare, 2023 Guest Composer and Ricardo Mondragon, 2023 Artist-in-Residence

Earlier Fermilab Arts & Lectures At Home Events Available

Video for Dark Matter, the Next Frontier – David Kaplan

Video for AI in Astrophysics – Aleksandra Ciprijanovic

Video for Wormholes in the Laboratory – Joe Lykken

Video for The Sounds in the Sea Lindsay Olson

Video for Three New Pieces – World Premiere – 2022 Guest Composer Suzie Shrubb

Video for The Birth, Life and Death of the Universe – Don Lincoln

Video for Seeing Inside a Mayan Pyramid – Mark Adams

Video for How to Do Big Science – A Virtual Multipart Series – Part III “MINERvA – I Can’t Believe We Built the Whole Thing” – Deborah Harris

Video for Guest Composer Chat – Suzie Shrubb and Elena Gramellini



  • Welcome Roger Zare, 2023 Guest Composer

Upcoming events