‘The Gifts’ – Geraldine Cox – Virtual

Do we appreciate and enjoy all the gifts that discovering Nature through science can bring?  In this illustrated talk of art, poetry and science, I will explore some of these gifts and discuss how Nature’s marvelous imagination and our methods of understanding it might play a greater role in our world.

– Geraldine Cox


Artist Geraldine Cox works with physicists to find resonant new expression for the beautiful things we have discovered and inspires others to do the same: children construct mobiles celebrating atoms, dancers absorb and emit light, grown-ups cut intricate paper photons for a giant collage of sunlight, and in paintings of thousands of pieces, Geraldine reveals connections between two entangled particles.

Geraldine has degrees in physics and fine art and began her project called ‘Finding Patterns’ in 2011 at Imperial College London with an ‘Artist in Residence Award’ from the Leverhulme Trust. Since then, her work has grown to involve scientists from other universities including Oxford, Cambridge, Durham and University College London. In 2020 she received the American Institute of Physics ‘Andrew Gemant Award’ for “articulating deep physics concepts through visual arts and other media, reaching a remarkable range of people in innovative ways and sharing her passion for the expression of physical truths”.


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