Children of Metropolis: Scrap Arts Music

★★★★★. High kicking, virtuosic and adrenaline-packed. Kozak just may have single-handedly performed a million acts of green. Who knew that scrap yards and dumps were treasure troves for the makings of new and marvelous musical instruments?”  – Winnipeg Review

These five extraordinary, virtuosic and innovative drummers transform “scrap” into “art,” and “arts” into “music”, creating unforgettable performances using instruments artfully crafted from industrial scrap.  More than just a concert, their performances are an intense blend of choreography, gymnastic agility, percussive precision, unique sculptural instruments, and in this case, film.  Scrap Arts Music has appeared twice at Fermilab to rave reviews, and this season they’re back – bringing their newest production, Children of Metropolis, to the Ramsey Auditorium stage.

Children of Metropolis is a fast-paced and all-acoustic percussion program that incorporates their signature invented instruments, original compositions and action-choreography. It takes its inspiration from Fritz Lang’s iconic, cult classic, the 1927 film, Metropolis.  In addition to Scrap Arts Music’s extraordinary percussion creations, repurposed from “scrap”, Children of Metroplis incorporates film.

Fun-fact: for the show opening, they worked with filmmaker Andrew Struthers to create their own version of the city of Metropolis… constructing a landscape of retro-futuristic skyscrapers… from our scrap instruments!  (The ironic twist is that their scrap comes from contemporary condo towers construction salvage!)