Mischa Zupko – 2024 FRA Guest composer

  • June 3, 2024, 11:00 am US/Central

Accomplished composer and pianist Mischa Zupko from Chicago named 2024 Fermilab guest composer

Current Work

“A Matter of Resonance” is a collaboration with Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory, and the esteemed Civitas Ensemble, featuring Winston Choi on piano, Yuan-Qing Yu on violin, Ken Olson on cello, with guest saxophonist Timothy McAllister. This innovative composition will explore the profound parallels between sympathetic resonance in music and the fundamental principles of particle physics.

Inspired by the interconnectedness observed in both fields, “A Matter of Resonance” will serve as a creative exploration of resonance phenomena and their implications for understanding the universe. While sympathetic resonance in sound involves the interaction of vibrations at specific frequencies, particle physics explores the interactions between fields and the excitations that give rise to particles and mass.

Drawing upon the principles of quantum field theory, which posit that particles are manifestations of excitations within specific fields, this composition will metaphorically connect the resonance observed in sound with the underlying processes of particle creation and interaction. Rather than focusing on specific frequency spectrums, this work will address the broader concept of resonance as a metaphor for the interconnectedness and harmony inherent in both music and particle physics.