Fluidity – Ana Zanic

  • July 20 - Sept. 16, 2016 US/Central
  • Wilson Hall second floor
  • Ana Zanic

July 20 – September 16, 2016
The Art Gallery is open to the public Monday to Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Sign in at the reception desk in Wilson Hall atrium.


Artist reception – July 22 5 p.m.-7 p.m.

Gallery talk – July 27 noon



Ana Zanic is a contemporary artist whose work for the past twenty years has mainly been focused on the medium of abstract watercolor.

Originally from Croatia, she graduated from the University of Zagreb in 2002, with the Master of Fine Arts degree.

Ana has exhibited her work in twenty solo and more than fifty group exhibitions, both in the United States and Europe, and her work is in numerous public and private collections.

She is currently represented by Markel Fine Arts NY, Gallery 19 Chicago, Walker Fine Art Denver, and Ann Connelly Fine Art Baton Rouge.


“For me making art is a search that allows me to explore the formal visual elements, as well as my personal feelings, through an intuitive, spontaneous process.

I paint with layers of washes, intermixed with dynamic lines, scribbles and marks of ink drawing. There is often a quiet tension between the watercolor’s fluidity, softness and calm, vs. the dynamic, rhythm and energy of drawing.

My “abstracted landscapes” sometimes evoke thoughts of galaxies and constellations; in them the universe is at once unknown, yet beautiful.

In addition to painting, I am also fascinated with clay as one of the most natural and primal materials. The spontaneous and gestural activity of mark making in these pieces is closely tied to calligraphy, language and symbolic communication. My paintings and ceramic vessels share a common trait; they emerge from a process that is both controlled and accidental. I liken this duality to a metaphor for the duality of life; where certain things can be controlled, while others happen naturally, on their own.”

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